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The Power of Branding
from Birth to the Boardroom

By Daymond John with Daniel Paisner

Daymond John built a brand with over $6 billion in sales... This book reveals the secret to his success...

In this 256-page ebook you'll learn...

  • The 4 stages of product evolution: item, label, brand, lifestyle (and how to take your product from just an item and turn it into a lifestylebrand).
  • A valuable lesson from a successful “guerrilla branding strategy” Daymond used to promote FUBU in the early days that involved graffiti artists, security gates and $200.
  • Powerful branding strategies dissected so you can understand principles, strategies and tactics to use in your own business (stories from Barack Obama,  Michael Jackson, UFC, and more).  
  • How Daymond took FUBU from a t-shirt and jeans company in his basement in Queens to a global $6 million brand by out-hustling his competition and creating his own luck!
  • This book is for anyone who wants to rock their own worlds, the same way Daymond keeps rocking his...

    Barbara Corcoran

    Real estate Mogul and Business Consultant
  • AMAZING! Building your brand never stops and after reading this book, you'll be inspired to keep thriving. 

    Kim Kardashian

    Model, Actress and Businesswoman
  • A must read for anyone who wants their brand to walk into the room long before they do.

    Kevin O’Leary

    Renowned Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist
  • One thing about Daymond, he takes charge, and here he puts his own spin on our consumer culture and challenges us to change things up.

    Mark Burnett,

    Famed Television Producer
  • The Brand Within is the ultimate hustler’s handbook, whether you’re selling records, clothes, cars or your own image!


    Hip-hop Recording Star

Daymond John

About the Daymond John Center for Entrepeneurship

Over the last 20 years, Daymond has evolved from one of the most successful fashion icons of his generation to one of the most sought after branding experts, business, and motivational speakers in the country... And now you can benefit from his experience and wisdom.

Daymond’s creative vision and strong knowledge of the marketplace helped him create one of the most iconic fashion brands in recent years. FUBU.

In 2009 Daymond joined the cast of the hit TV show, Shark Tank. Millions of viewers tune into the show each week to watch Daymond and the Sharks give helpful advice to the entrepeneurs seeking investments. 

In 2014 Daymond, The 86400 Foundation, and Regent University, launched The Daymond John Center for Entrepreneurship.

The "Center" exists to provide world-class educational tools and resources for aspiring
entrepreneurs seeking higher learning opportunities to grow and excel in their professional and personal development. The Shark himself teaches a course based on his popular book, "The Brand Within."